Mission Cry sends shipments of resources mid-pandemic

By June 4, 2020

International (MNN) — It’s difficult to continue ministry during a pandemic. Not only are donations down due to global economic challenges, but some of the resources people need to continue their efforts aren’t accessible when everything’s shut down.

That’s why it’s so critical that Mission Cry provides resources to their partners on the ground around the world.

“We have sent to Pakistan free Bibles to seminary students and children,” says Mission Cry’s Jason Woolford. “We’ve sent Bibles and Christian books to seminary students in orphans in India.”

Now, they’re also preparing a shipment of materials for Uganda. The container will be filled with millions of dollars in Bibles and discipleship materials for believers in the area.

In addition to their typical work, Mission Cry is providing more practical aid.

“We fed last week 1000 people in India of seminary students and orphans that have received the Word of God from our ministry, and this week, we’re getting ready to feed over 1500 people, orphans and seminary students as well,” Woolford says.

Photo courtesy of Mission Cry

However, moving forward with ministry has required faith. “I have sent containers on faith,” Woolford says. “We fed people in Pakistan and India on faith, trusting that those that are listening are going to come alongside.”

Even some of the containers Mission Cry has sent already aren’t fully funded. But Woolford believes this radical situation calls for radical faith.

It also calls for a global body of Christ working together. Specifically, Woolford asks for your faithful support.

”The Holy Spirit is made up of long-suffering kindness, joy, peace, patience, and love,” he says. “And God knows in heaven that we all need that at this time. So I pray for you listening, that as you honor God in living and giving to Him, that He will meet every single need that you have in the spiritual, physical and financial realms.”

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Header photo courtesy of Mission Cry.

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