Mission India celebrates “Top 10” of 2020!

By January 19, 2021
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India (MNN/Mission India) — A “Top 10” of 2020? Yes! Because even in a year when just about everything had to be put on pause, the work of the Gospel in India continued in unique and powerful ways.

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

Mission India has much to praise God for this past year. This list is just the beginning!

  1. Mission India and their ministry partners provided 106,515 families with Relief Kits during the pandemic!
  2. God opened doors for Mission India’s national partners to share the Gospel during COVID-19 with people they’ve never had access to reach before.
  3. 1,110 new prayer partners became India Intercessors — friends committed to praying daily for India!
  4. Through Mission India’s spring 10-Day Bible Club matching challenge, their supporters gave enough matched gifts to reach 800,000 children in India with the love of Jesus!
  5. The ministry’s annual Banquet of Praise, which is normally held in-person near their headquarters in Michigan, went virtual for the first time ever—allowing people all over the US to join.
  6. Many children in Mission India’s Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs committed to praying daily over COVID-19.
  7. New ministry partners were trained virtually so that a new year of programs could launch as planned, in areas where it was safe to do so.
  8. Putting skills into practice that they gained through special trainings, Adult Literacy students made hand sanitizer and other health essentials when they were needed most.
  9. 1,400 new financial partners joined the Mission India team, giving gifts toward relief efforts and ministry programs!
  10. Ministry partners in India found ways to be creative and flexible, continuing to minister to families while on lockdown through virtual platforms.

Erik* with Mission India says he was especially moved by the Relief Kit distributions they were able to do last year. Each Relief Kit fed a family of four for four weeks along with masks and hygiene items.

A family in India with their Relief Kit. (Photo courtesy of Mission India)

“It was locally sourced in India, and our partners created and distributed them,” Erik says. “I get a little emotional in the sense of that work because that’s [over] 106,000 families that needed help. Not only were they provided substantial help that was concrete in food and hygiene items, but they got to experience the love of Jesus in some way through our partners.

“I’m just so thrilled that so many people in the US and in Europe came together and supported us in this effort to enable our partners to distribute those relief kits.”

As we go into 2021, join Mission India in praying from Colossians 4:4, “Pray that I may proclaim it clearly”! God has opened doors for the Gospel to spread in India in ways never experienced before. It’s time to walk through those doors clearly proclaiming the Good News of Christ so that many may be led to Him!



Header image courtesy of Mission India.


*Names changed for security purposes.

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