Mission India has a fun, free opportunity for your summer

By May 21, 2012

India (MNN) — A lot of kids around the globe have started their count-downs for school to be out and summer fun to begin. But what will they do with all that extra time?

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India has one sure-fire way to fill some long summer hours: a trip to India.

"My Passport to India is the easiest short-term mission trip you can take," says Mission India president Dave Stravers.

With My Passport to India, your whole family can experience a unique and different culture without even leaving the house.

Stravers explains the program: "It's a 10-video series. It's a video adventure that will actually introduce you to the country of India, its culture, its people, and, most importantly, the fantastic things that God is doing with the Good News reaching India."

Tour-guide Chris takes your family through villages, slums, churches, Bible Clubs, and more to give kids a first-hand look at the way people live in India. Then at the end of the series, kids are encouraged to raise money to help send children in India to Children's Bible Clubs to learn more about Christ.

Over 10,000 families have already taken the tour, and the response has been shocking. Families not only enjoy the virtual tour, but kids are coming up with some pretty creative ways to raise money to help other kids learn about Jesus.

It only costs just $1 to send a child to a Children's Bible Club, and the kids that help out get the chance to see what ends up happening with the child their dollar went to help. Sending just one person to a Children's Bible Club could mean eternal life, but a lot of kids involved with My Passport to India have found ways to send many more than just one kid to a Club.

"Kids will think of their own ways of doing this," says Stravers. "We've had children who have actually changed their Christmas list. They said, ‘Mom, instead of getting me that Christmas gift, could we take that money and send it to India?' We've had kids who've put their toys up in a garage sale for neighborhood kids, and then they use the money they got from their toys to send a child to India."

"It's really been a fantastic way to teach generosity to children," Stravers adds. "I think some parents have even been shocked."

This summer, you, your kids, and your whole family could be a part of something fun, stretching and eternal. It's even a great way to finish the school-year for home-schooled kids. When you sign up for My Passport to India, Mission India will send you a packet of information and a free mini-suitcase for kids to collect loose change.

Start your trip today. Click this link to learn more and register for My Passport to India.

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