Mission India moves into the next phase of assistance in tsunami-wracked India.

By January 26, 2005

India (MNN)–As immediate needs are being met, Mission India plans to move into a new phase of the Tsunami relief effort.

Mission India’s Dave DeGroot describes their plans. “What we want to do is intelligently fit into the long term needs of these people. Such things as, in our literacy classes, components dealing with things they need to know about rebuilding the infrastructure. Boats and nets. In some areas, livestock happens to be a very urgent need.”

DeGroot says they hope to make a spiritual impact as well. “We’re finding that in these disaster zones, there are spiritual questions that are now rising to the surface that have never been there before.”

“People were pretty sure of their traditional faiths and so forth”, he explains, adding that since the disaster, “they are asking a lot of questions and the Christians report to us that this is, in some areas, the first time that other people in the villages have come to them asking serious, spiritual questions.”

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