Mission India provides aid as COVID-19 ravages the country

By June 30, 2020

India (MNN) — Mission India continues to provide relief kits throughout the country during COVID-19, but also continues to proclaim the Gospel.

India is opening one of the largest hospitals in the world to fight COVID-19 as the virus continues to ravage the capital city of Delhi. Sunday, India reported its largest increase in new infections with 19,906. See full statistics here.

As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the country, Mission India has concentrated on relief efforts. Erik* says, “Over 65,000 families that were given relief kits that provide food for a family of four for four weeks. [They include] masks, hand sanitizer, and vitamins to help keep people healthy and the virus at bay.”

64-year-old Babeesh, who was provided with a Relief Kit from Mission India after his son was unable to work during the lockdown. (Photo courtesy of Mission India on Facebook)

Mission India has been distributing these kits all over India, and not just in the larger cities, which have been the hardest hit. “Now even rural areas are experiencing spreads. Migrant workers went back to the rural areas where they grew up in when the cities were kind of locked down. They brought the virus with them to the small rural areas, and now they’ve migrated back to the major cities. But they obviously left the virus in these rural areas that are even more underserved from a healthcare perspective.”

Sharing the Gospel

These migrant workers earn a daily income for their daily food, Erik says, “When the shutdown happened, they weren’t able to earn money. If they’re unable to earn money, they’re not able to eat. These relief kits have just provided so much on the humanitarian side of things. But it’s also enabled us to really show the Gospel.” Erik says many of the relief kits contain a declaration of the love of Jesus.

As this ministry continues, pray that many would embrace Jesus as their Lord.

Pray also that the people of India would be free from the danger of COVID-19. Erik says, “It’s a nation where healthcare is not as accessible versus a Western culture, like the United States. So just be praying that the virus is contained.”




The header image shows a family in India with their Relief Kit. (Photo courtesy of Mission India on Facebook)


*Names changed for security purposes.

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