Mission India reaching the world’s largest youth population for Christ

By March 27, 2023

India (MNN) — China will soon be passing the title of world’s largest population to India. The United Nations projects that India’s population will surpass China’s of 1.41 billion people sometime in mid-April.

The Chinese population is rapidly aging, but India’s youth population is booming. In fact, India already has the world’s largest youth population.

Sadly, 95 percent of children in India have never heard of Jesus’ love for them.

Erik* with Mission India says it’s critical to reach these kids, especially in the 4-14 Window. “Between the ages of four and 14, that is when really children are most receptive to the Gospel and the love of Jesus.

“There is ample opportunity to reach so many children in India with the Gospel when they’re most receptive and open to hearing and receiving Jesus’s love and His grace and His salvation.”

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

It costs just $1 to send a kid in India to Mission India’s 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs. All donations to Mission India’s 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs will be doubled through their matching challenge till April 30th up to $400,000!

Erik says, “For every dollar…you’ll be able to send two kids to a 10-Day Bible Club. For the price point and the power and the impact that you can have, I just have not found another organization, I may be a little biased, but I’ve not found another organization where you can reach so many kids with just $1.

“If we hit that $400,000 match, over 800,000 children will now have the opportunity this summer to attend a 10-Day Bible Club.”

Click here to donate to Mission India’s 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs and join the matching challenge!

Then, whether or not you’re able to give, the biggest need for these kids and Mission India is prayer.

“We believe that prayer is the first work in missions, so join us in prayer,” Erik says. “Pray over this match, that we would meet it so more children have the opportunity to hear the Gospel this summer.”








*Full name withheld for security.

Header photo courtesy of Mission India.

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