Mission Network News welcomes new ministry partner

By March 29, 2011

Latin America (MNN) — Mission Network News is proud to finally be partnering with Spanish World Ministries.

Spanish World Ministries produces an international Spanish radio broadcast that goes out to several Latin American countries, Spain, Canada and the U.S.

"Spanish World Ministries for 50 years [has] been assisting local churches in the Spanish-speaking world to carry out the ministry of communicating the Gospel of Christ, and of course to edify those who believe," explains Executive Director Daniel Sandoval.

Although the ministry provides Christian literature to seekers as well, Spanish World Ministries' main prerogative is to spread the Gospel via radio. The three-minute Reflexión Para Hoy (Today's Reflection) and fifteen-minute Camino de la Vida (The Way of Life) are broadcast to thousands every day.

"The goal of those programs is to present a clear Bible teaching with intention to lead the unbeliever to comprehend the importance of having a relationship with God through the sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ," says Sandoval.

"Today both programs are transmitted approximately 12,000 times per week in almost 1,500 radio stations all over Latin America."

If even one person is listening each time the programs air, Spanish World Ministries is effectively reaching at least 12,000 people each week with the truth of the Gospel.

But their work doesn't stop there. The time-tested ministry has 16 missionaries in 12 countries, strategically placed for follow-up work.

The presence of these missionaries is vital. When a woman in Peru wanted to hear more about the Christ and the Bible she'd discovered on the radio, for example, she was able to connect with a Spanish World Ministries missionary in Peru. The missionary visited the woman, explained the Good News, and she gave her heart to Christ.

Positive responses such as this are a daily occurrence for Spanish World Ministries. The organization has discovered that radio is an effective and inexpensive way to reach the masses with the Truth.

The expenses are truly minimal. For just $15 a month, 24 people can be reached with the Gospel. $25 reaches 40 people via radio with the message of salvation.

This is just the first of several stories you will read and hear from Spanish World Ministries through MNN. As you learn more about the ministry, consider supporting them with your prayers, and if possible, your finances. If you're ready to join with this ministry in spreading the Gospel, visit their Web site, check them out on Facebook, or call (574) 267-8821.

If you do choose to give, you'll inevitably be getting involved in real life-change. "Whatever it is, one thing is certain: such an amount can make a difference between getting the Word out over the radio or not being able to provide the programs to a radio station," says Sandoval. "It can make the difference for some people between hearing or not hearing the Gospel."

Look for more Spanish World Ministries stories at mnnonline.org in weeks to come.

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