Mission team takes part in old-fashioned ‘barn raising’, Zimbabwe-style.

By May 14, 2007

(MNN) — Over 80-percent of Zimbabwe's
population is in poverty, with inflation expected to grow to just under five thousand

Global Aid Network's Jaye Walstead says they just took in a
mission team to help. "Medical care is one of those things that is
difficult for people to afford right now, so that was very much needed. We
specifically went in to the northeast part called Mudzi, we were in the town of
Kotwa. They
have a primary school there, so we helped to build some more classrooms for them.
In addition to that, we did a Vacation
Bible School." 

At the end of the VBS presentations, the team handed out
CarePacks.  For many
of the orphans and poor children in these areas, writing paper and pencils or
pens are a luxury beyond reach. The  CarePack has pens, paper,
pencils, crayons, backpacks, and more. To each CarePack GAiN teams added a Gospel bead
bracelet with a printed explanation.

When you touch the children, you touch the parents.  A classroom construction project was already underway, but as work progressed, the whole town came out and began to take ownership of
the project.  By the second day, women
could be seen clearing the area and bringing in heavy stones on their heads to
help fill in the foundation.  The locals supplied the bricks, and GAN supplied other materials as they worked to make the school take shape.  "…Like an old-fashioned barn
raising", notes Walstead.

She says the local church is handling the follow-up.
"There's 22 churches in the area, and we had several of the pastors help
with interpreting while we were working with the kids. We showed the JESUS film
in the evenings, and many people responded. So the pastors, because they were
there through the whole thing, we were constantly encouraging people to get
connected with the local church."

There are plans to return to Zimbabwe next year.  Please pray; there are elections scheduled in
the early part of 2008, and the situation could be tenuous.  Click here if you want more information.

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