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Download Free Country Coloring Pages from Our Partner, SAT-7

Missionaries defend God’s Word

By September 4, 2008

Panama (MNN) — Chiefs in a village in Panama have threatened to kick new believers out or at least stop the teaching of God's Word.

New Tribes Mission Bible teachers met with the chiefs to discuss the situation. At issue: new converts to Christ have refused to participate in village-wide drinking feasts because it doesn't agree with
their new faith.

Edelfonso was one of the Kuna missionaries invited into the village about four years ago to teach God's Word. He wrote that during the meeting, he had only his Bible as defense. He told the chiefs that it was not his word but the Word of God that was authoritative and guided the decisions of the Christians. 

While the chiefs agreed that they wanted people to learn from God's Book, they didn't appreciate the changes that were pulling people away from their traditions. The meeting
diffused the situation a bit, but Edelfonso still has concerns. 

He is afraid new believers will be discouraged and persecuted. He asks that you pray for
the churches that have been planted. Pray for boldness and wisdom for both teachers and the new believer,s and pray that they will be steadfast in their convictions. 

New Tribes works in six of the seven tribes of Panama thus far and is preparing to begin teaching the Bible in the seventh. When new churches are well-established, they will begin to phase out their work in the country. 

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