Missionaries face strong opposition as they see more and more come to Christ

By November 5, 2009

India (MNN) — As more and more individuals and
families turn to Christ throughout India, Gospel for Asia missionaries face strong opposition
in Maharashtra.

Missionaries Hardik and Prakash have served in the area
since graduating from Bible college, sharing Christ's love with anyone and everyone
in the village.

However, according to GFA, "It didn't take long for a group
of staunch anti-Christians to discover what they were doing–and the extremists
were furious."

While the two missionaries were sharing the Gospel and were away
from their home, extremists approached their landlord and demanded to know why
he was renting a house to the missionaries.

"They ordered him to beat both his tenants and turn them out
of the house," GFA said.

However, when the missionaries returned, their landlord told
them about the threats. When they turned to the police for protection, authorities
told them the same group had also stopped by the station two days previous,
telling the police to not allow any Christians into the village "because they
forcibly converted people to their religion."

The anti-Christians informed police that if Christian ministry
continued, they would disturb it.

The police, instead of preventing the group and helping the
missionaries, told the two to leave the village for safety as soon as possible.

"In spite of the opposition, our brothers have decided to
stay in the village, trusting the Lord and continuing ministry," according to a
GFA correspondent.

In the same village to the north, an anti-Christian mob
barged into a worship service lead by another GFA missionary, Jaival. They
stopped the service, then "threatened Jaival, telling him he would not
be allowed to lead any more prayer meetings or services in the village," GFA

This invasion came just after 15 families turned to Christ
in the congregation.

"Now, it seems it's going to be hard to continue the prayer
meetings because of the threats," the GFA correspondent also said.

Pray for protection of Hardik and Prakash as they continue
their ministry and for Jaival and his congregation to be able to continue
meeting. Also, pray for a change of heart in those so opposed to Christ's work.

Learn how you can pray for more individuals facing
persecution across Asia by clicking here.

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