Missionaries help build a better future for Uganda’s orphans.

By June 15, 2005

Uganda (MNN)–Uganda’s forgotten war continues, with rebels kidnapping hundreds of children and pressing them into service.

The mix of war and cult-like spiritualism has proven deadliest for the unprotected. Global Aid Network’s Rick Ragan. “Because of the religious spiritualism that goes on there, the children are in great danger because they’re taken for ritualistic sacrifice; they’re discarded in trash refuges.”

Noah’s Ark Children’s Ministry is taking in some of the orphans, but there are always more. Ragan says they decided to pursue their dream of building ‘Children’s Town,’ which will be a haven to many more seeking refuge. The first 100-bed dormitory was just completed.

In light of the activity by the Lord’s Resistance Army, there is a great risk for the children staying there. GAiN USA will help make this city safe, by building a protective wall. They’ll also help expand the facilities as the town is built, in order to reach out to additional children.

Ragan believes they can bring change to the country one child at a time. “Children, as they are reared in the orphanage, they are taught Christian values, they’re taught the Word of God. They are also then introduced into the church, they’re taken to church. They’re starting through that whole process of ‘what is a Christian life all about?'”

The goal, says Ragan, is that by the time the children leave the Children’s Town, they will have had every opportunity to become educated, responsible citizens of Uganda.

These children can become men and women who could potentially change their society for the good by living for Christ and sharing the love of God with others.

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