Missionaries in North Africa need prayer

By June 17, 2014
Nations of North Africa highlighted in green.

Nations of North Africa highlighted in green.

North Africa (MNN) — In Africa, the Gospel is “ruffling feathers,” and missionaries in North Africa need your prayers.

A PIONEERS missionary family serving in a North African nation dominated by Islam* used to have the freedom to talk about Christ. But now, people are getting confrontational when they mention the Gospel.

“At first, most people didn’t seem to mind, but lately it seems like feathers are beginning to get ruffled,” they share.

“Please pray for continued boldness and the crumbling of these walls.”

Local culture is also presenting challenges to outreach.

“Young men in this country lack discipline from their elders and tend to play roughly,” PIONEERS missionaries said in a recent blog. Their misbehavior and lack of respect block attempts to establish friendships.

“Pray for the Lord to give us wisdom in this situation,” the missionary couple requests. “We want to sow the Gospel into their lives while knowing that we need an extraordinary amount of love–a supernatural love–to give to these boys.”

Can you add this missionary family to your prayer list? Ask the Lord to give them boldness, and pray that resistance to God’s love will stop. Pray for wisdom to overcome cultural challenges.

PIONEERS mobilizes teams to glorify God among unreached peoples by initiating church-planting movements in partnership with local churches. They currently partner with more than 2,000 churches to send over 1,900 missionaries to the neediest areas of the world, including North Africa.

Nine of the countries in North Africa are listed on the Open Doors USA World Watch List, a compilation of the world’s 50 worst persecutors of Christians. Radical Islam is spreading like wildfire throughout the Middle East and North Africa; as a result, more Christians are facing opposition for their faith.

Pray that God would strengthen and encourage isolated and secret believers in North Africa. Pray for courage and wisdom for Christians in the region to be “salt and light,” as the Bible commands. Pray that God will speak to many through Christian TV and Internet programs.

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* Country name withheld for security purposes.


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