Missionaries relocated as Guinea strike continues

By January 25, 2007

Guinea (MNN) — A nationwide strike by unions in Guinea has gone past the two week mark. Guinea’s Labor Unions have express their willingness to hold talks with Guinea’s government leaders. The violent protests have caused the deaths of more than 30 people in the nation’s capital.

New Tribes Mission reports they were forced to move their staff to a safer part of the country. While the violence has spread to the interior, NTM says it has not involved the area where their missionaries are located.

Union chiefs say President Lansana Conte, a reclusive, diabetic in his 70s, is unfit to rule. They’re demanding his resignation, reports say.

The strike is threatening the countries bauxite export, a key component in aluminum. It’s a key source of revenue for the country. That’s triggered food shortages in Conakry as markets stall and banks remain closed.

New Tribes is asking people to pray for a quick and peaceful resolution to this unrest so their missionaries can return.

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