Missionaries take initiative to provide food and the hope of Christ

By January 28, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Thousands of tons of food containers are being sent to Haiti, but missionaries are finding that much of these resources are simply sitting around. It seems that many outside groups are unsure of where or how to begin the distribution process. Warehouses remain full while Haitians starve.

Evangelical Free Church Mission missionaries were at the epicenter of the earthquake when it struck. Since then, they have been working tirelessly to bring food, water and other necessities to Haitians who have lost everything.

The efforts of these EFCA missionaries have been effective. Since UN distributions are taking places mainly in the very heart of Port-au-Prince, these missionaries immediately began looking outside the city to see who was being neglected in its suburbs. They have been partnering with local churches, community leaders and other mission organizations as often as they can to be sure to reach as many as possible.

Recently, they decided to take distribution matters into their own hands. Two missionaries went directly to the World Health Organization warehouse, explaining their need for food for three churches, two community centers and one orphanage. They came away from the warehouse with five tons of food. The WHO was grateful for a group who could distribute the static necessities, and roughly 2,000 people would receive relief from the missionaries' initiative.

As EFCA missionaries have persevered in their work, they have heard story after story of Haitians giving their lives to the Lord. They are excited for the new mission field that has come as a result of this crisis. Pray that God would continue to draw people to Himself through the Christ-like kindness of His people.

The EFCA TouchGlobal teams in Haiti plan to be there long-term, committing to churches, orphanages and community leaders in the area. If you would like to support their ongoing efforts in Haiti, click here.

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