Missionaries want to host another trip

By July 18, 2007

Soviet Union (MNN) — Recently 104 individuals from the United States returned from a trip to the Soviet Union.

The team from Global Aid Network visited orphanages, reaching out to approximately 10,200
children, teachers, and parents. Missionaries Fred and Mary K. in the Soviet Union
reported on their blog, "The trip was totally amazing."

While there, they experienced a vast array of emotions: happiness, sadness, love, pain and fear.  "Each face is a story; each face is a life," their blog reads. Some of the children's stories include seeing parents killed or being abused themselves. 

However, the greatest need after the trip is the need to share. The missionaries would like to do another trip similar to this one eventually. While they do not have dates set quite yet, they encourage anyone interested to contact them. 

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