Missionary attacked while walking home from church

By October 27, 2011

South Asia (MNN) — As a result of their location and of the general offensiveness of the Gospel, missionaries and pastors in South Asia frequently come up against extreme opposition.

Thus, Gospel for Asia workers are often chided, harassed and beaten for their faith.

Gospel for Asia recently got word of just such an incident. As Manshi Tamang (a GFA-supported missionary) and his family were walking home from church Sunday, he was attacked by anti-Christian extremists.

The attackers severely beat Tamang in front of his family and then fled the scene.

Tamang is now in the hospital in critical condition. He is unable to speak.

Gospel for Asia covets your prayers. Pray for Tamang to recover. Pray that God would protect his family and heal them from the emotional scars of watching their father undergo such violence and hatred.

Pray also for the people in the church where Tamang serves as pastor. Pray that they will not be afraid to share their faith in the future, and that Tamang and his family would remain steadfast in their faith.

Finally, Gospel for Asia asks that you pray for the men who attacked Tamang. It is their desire that they will receive the love of Jesus Christ in their lives.

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