Missionary force in Germany — small

By February 9, 2005

Germany (MNN) — It’s the country known for the Reformation, but it’s seeing its missionary-sending force shrink. According to Idea News, Germany has only a small missionary force. The churches have a combined membership of approximately 52 million. According to the latest statistics 6,800 Germans are working as missionaries abroad, or 0.01 percent.

Approximately 4,000 missionaries are Protestants. Most of them – 2,900 – are evangelicals; their number has increased by 140 over the last two years. They are sent out by the 84 member agencies of the Association of Evangelical Missions (AEM).

The 34 member agencies of the mainline Association of Protestant Churches and Missions (EMW) have 700 missionaries on their registers. 400 Germans are active on behalf of the 43 member organizations of the Association of Pentecostal-Charismatic Missions (APCM).

The number of Catholic missionaries is diminishing. According to the German
Catholic Mission Council 2,818 priests and laypersons were active in world mission in 2004. The number dropped by four percent in one year.

Pray the Germany would see a great move of the Holy Spirit and that revival would spread across that nation.

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