Missionary in Myanmar extends love to unreached

By October 2, 2015
(Photo courtesy of Christian Aid Mission)

(Photo courtesy of Christian Aid Mission)

Myanmar (CAM) — [EDITOR’S NOTE: This is an article posted directly from Christian Aid Mission’s Prayerline Daily page under October 1. Click here to learn more about this organization’s work with indigenous missionaries around the world.]

In a simple bamboo-and-banana-leaf school building, indigenous missionary Maya opens her Bible and teaches English, Burmese, and literacy to the children gathered around her. Can you imagine? The Bible is their textbook.

Professionally trained, Maya could teach anywhere, but she serves in a remote village that has no witness for Christ. Adults quickly flock to the little school, also wanting to learn. Maya finds an open door for the gospel. One disciple, 14-year-old Zwali, follows her teacher’s lead and reads the Bible to a group of younger children. They eagerly recite memory verses from a Burmese Bible provided through Christian Aid.

Now a church is established in this poor, unreached, Buddhist village in Myanmar/Burma. One life–given completely to the Lord for His glory–yields eternal fruit.

Maya, wholly devoted in the secret place and poured out among a hidden people, lets the Lord teach the hungry village children through her life.

Her testimony inspires us to daily offer ourselves as a vessel for His majesty. May each of our lives be marked by the powerful humility of Christ, the King of Kings, who stepped down from His throne to make His love known.

Sponsors like you, who give $50 or more each month toward the support of native missionaries like Maya, receive regular ministry reports of God’s extraordinary work through their humble lives. When you give, He pours through your life, too.

Pray that the gospel reaches every village.

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Father, these precious people live in a remote, impoverished area, hidden from many, but not from You. You see them. You love them with an everlasting love. You sent Your own Son as the holy, spotless Lamb of God, and You sent this humble native missionary to bring Your gospel. You are sending Your beautiful ones to the darkest, most remote, and impoverished places. Responding to Your love, they say, “Yes, we will go!” No matter the cost, they go. They are Your ready vessels. Father, pour out Your Spirit on the least of these. Let them behold Your beautiful Son. Open every eye to see You. Release Your servants to uplift the lowest peoples, that every people would know the glorious Living One, Christ our Savior and Lord – that He would receive the reward of His suffering. Amen.


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