Missionary pilot goes missing on the way to Mali

By April 18, 2013

Mali (MAF) — In a statement released this week, Mission Aviation Fellowship is calling for prayer for a former MAF pilot, missing on a ferry flight in Africa.

Jerry Krause of Sahel Aviation Service was flying an aircraft from South Africa to Mali when his plane went missing in the area around São Tomé, off the coast of west Africa, on April 7. After much research and digging, the family says there is a 50% chance that Jerry's
plane crashed. That other 50% is the probability that he was captured
and forced to fly for some drug lords or guerillas members. There is
evidence now to support both scenarios.

"We were very distressed to learn that Jerry Krause and his plane are missing, and MAF personnel in Africa have been doing what they can to facilitate the search," said John Boyd, president and CEO of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).

Krause served with Mission Aviation Fellowship for 22 years in Mali and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He left MAF in 2009 to work with Sahel Aviation Service, a commercial aviation company in Mali.

"Jerry and his family have many friends at MAF," said Boyd. "And many are praying on his behalf. We ask for your ongoing prayer until this situation is resolved."



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