Missionary team praying to heal from brutal attack in Ghana

By September 1, 2008

Ghana (MNN) — The IN Network team
in Ghana is still trying to recover from a brutal armed robbery several weeks
ago in Accra.

Three masked young men smashed
doors to gain entry into the home and pistol-whipped Walter Pimpong before
fleeing with cash, a cell phone and a laptop.

Though one of the men pointed a
gun at Walter, Walter's wife Marian interceded and pleaded for his life. The Lord
protected them from a much more serious and potentially deadly outcome for
which "we praise the Lord and breathe a sigh of relief," writes President/CEO
IN Network USA, Rody Rodeheaver.

He notes that while Walter is
making good progress recovering from the physical trauma he experienced at the
hands of the robbers, the more difficult struggle is the emotional wounding.

It is hard for Walter and Marian
to sleep at night, and they fear for their children. Any sound triggers a cascade of memories that
bring flashbacks of the life-threatening event. Rodeheaver says, "I would urge
you to focus your prayers for Walter and Marian on their emotional healing as
these wounds will take much longer to heal."

IN Network is helping the family
improve security as well as replace the stolen items. The wall around their home needs major renovation
on two sides and will be raised on the other two sides.

Once that is completed, razor
wire needs to be secured to the top of the wall. Three entry doors in the house need to be
replaced and the framing repaired. The
Pimpongs are also changing their doors from wood to metal. In addition, several doors need to be replaced in an area where some of the children sleep.

Pray that God will provide peace and encouragement as this family continues to
heal. If you can help support the
replacement and repair effort, click here.



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