Missionary teams face difficult times in Zimbabwe.

By March 30, 2007

(MNN) — Teen Missions' outreach in Zimbabwe is facing significant
challenges. Due to the economic situation, it is difficult to travel: there is no food and no fuel.

Of the many challenges in teaching and ministering to the
villages around them, the team leaders say the AIDS pandemic is taxing.  A day does not pass without burying five
people.  But, the TMI leader says, people
are not dying of AIDS; they are dying of hunger. Just imagine preaching the
Gospel to hungry people.

However, the school is running very well with 11 students.
The team says they've learned that they need to teach people the Gospel as well
as survival skills and literacy. By partnering with the ministry of AIDS Orphans and Street
to build Orphan Rescue Units (ORU), the teams can meet the
needs of children who still live in their home villages and attempt to farm the
land that had belonged to their parents.

Their goal is to set up an 8' by 12' portable housing unit
staffed with two missionaries (many of them graduates of our overseas Bible
schools) in villages with high orphan populations. They're well on their way
toward having 16 fully operational units in rural Zambia
and Zimbabwe
in the next four years.

Meanwhile, as word gets out about the outreach of TMI, the training
camps are growing. At the last Overseas Boot Camp, there were 150 team members
and leaders. One team was in Bulawaye working with the Brethren in Christ Church.
They left the building at window level.

Participants learn construction, evangelism, and Bible. Click
here if you want more information on how to get involved.

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