Missionary Training Center equipping people for needed work

By February 27, 2008

USA (MNN) — There are currently 160 people enrolled at New Tribes Mission's Missionary Training Center.

This facility seeks to continue expansion so they can make room for as many as 360 students at a time. The center is located on 350 acres on the Lake of the Ozarks near Camdenton,
Missouri in the U.S. 

NTM is effective in training students to expand the reach of the Gospel. Stephen and Carolyn Crockett went to the Moi tribe in Indonesia after their training. The Moi have an intricate language–one that reveals the darkness of their world view, their beliefs, and their dark, claustrophobic life. They are located in the depths of the jungle between mountains and have no concept of
the outside world, living in small clusters of two or three families.

Having been well-prepared through the Training Center's program for tribal ministry, the Crocketts first made contact with the Moi in 2000. They began building relationships with the tribe by helping and teaching them. And 2006 was the momentous year in which the Crocketts saw the birth of the first Moi believers.

The training center has a two-year course that is completed in one location. This means only one staff and one faculty are needed who can adapt more rapidly to the needs of the changing world. They have years of experience planting churches. The course covers spiritual preparation and practical cross-cultural skills. 

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