Missions background leads to Set Free resources expanding into new language

By February 20, 2024

International (MNN) — God often uses our life experiences in unexpected ways.

Dave McIntyre served as a church planter in Brazil for fifteen years before stepping into his role as Director of Global Ministries at Set Free. Many cross-cultural and bilingual experiences came his way during that time. 

“I’ve always wondered what the Lord was going to do with that now that I’m back in ministry,” McIntyre said.

Set Free’s spiritual freedom training materials are available without cost, to help people know and live in God’s truth. (Photo courtesy of Set Free Ministries via Facebook)

He discovered part of God’s plan last year at a church multiplication conference called GACX. There he connected with a global ministry there that was translating all of its materials into major languages. They invited him as a fluent Portuguese speaker to be part of the translation process. 

“I have contacts now all across Mozambique and Angola, to countries that speak Portuguese as their national language. So that lit a fire under me,” McIntyre said.

“A huge part of my heart I left behind in Brazil. I love that place. I love the people there. I’m always looking for opportunities to work with people who speak Portuguese.”

McIntyre still has connections in Brazil and would love to be able to work there again if the Lord leads. For now, he is training people from Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Angola and Pakistan.

“We have our volunteer manual for taking people through a freedom appointment already translated into Portuguese. I sent my translation to a writer, friend of mine in Brazil, who cleaned up the copy and made that look perfect,” McIntyre says.

”I translate these materials, I send them on to them. Then we have a conference call, and I do one-on-one training with them. The idea is that these ministries will be able to then train their own people and expand their ministry of spiritual freedom.”

That’s one of the guiding principles of Set Free Global, to train those who will train others, says McIntyre (see 2 Timothy 2:2). 

David “Mac” McIntyre, International Director (Photo courtesy of Set Free Ministries)

“Spiritual freedom is our niche ministry. It’s what we do here and I think it’s an underrepresented teaching in the church in general,” McIntyre says. 

Set Free’s spiritual freedom training materials are available without cost, to help people know and live in God’s truth. 

“If you know anybody who is looking for this kind of ministry training in the Portuguese language, have them get in touch with me,” McIntyre says. 

Freedom in Christ is worth fighting for. Pray for Set Free, that God will work through them to bring people into hope and freedom in Christ. 




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