Missions Conference gathers professionals.

By January 4, 2005

USA (MNN) — And, missions-minded people are invited to attend Interserve’s missions conference on February 5 in Berkely, California.

The conference will encourage and educate professionals in helping build God’s kingdom through cross-cultural missions. The conference will gather both supporters of missionaries and also people who are interested in going overseas on missions, either short or long term.

During the conference, Interserve workers on home leave will share their experiences from their areas of service and encourage those considering ministry to these regions. Seminar sessions will cover a wide range of topics involving tentmaking, health care development, technology and computers, issues and challenges in mission and other topics.

Interserve’s Scott Loo says, “We also just hope that people who want to further mission would also have a chance to be encouraged in that direction. We also hope that people will get a sense of the work being done in the 10/40 Window”

Interserve works in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, where a majority of the people have never heard the gospel. The recent devastating events in Asia have caused greater awareness of needs there. Loo says the conference is a great way for people to learn how to be involved.

“Interserve is working in some of the countries that were affected, and as the news is focused on that part of the world, there will probably be interest generated in things that people could do, maybe not even in just the short-term, but in the longer-term, so perhaps, yeah, that will have an impact and people who would desire to do something might also come out and join us.”

The conference will be held at the First Presbyterian Church in Berkeley, California. Email [email protected] for more information, or call toll free in the USA 1.800.809.4440.

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