Missions conference to explore more than ‘business as usual’.

By October 6, 2006

International (MNN)–The shingle Jimmy Quach will be hanging at Intervarsity Christian Fellowship’s Urbana ’06 will read ‘Open for Business’.

He’s part of a specialized conference within the conference dealing with business as missions movement. It’s a changing consciousness that, “Business is more than just a strategy, a way to get into a country.”

Quach explains that, “Business can be very much part of the mission itself. We say that we’re seeking the economic, spiritual and social vitality of a community in the business mission movement.”

Who should attend? Those who have a passion or growing interest in business and global missions. According to the information on the website, the conference will teach participants how to build, mobilize, and equip a multi-generational network of like-minded business people.

This network of believers are doing the same thing: seeking to harness the potential of business to contribute to the global advance of God’s kingdom around the world.

The implementation is admittedly the tricky part. Quach explains how the principle works. “An example of that would be people who are creating micro-finance opportunities in the developing world and treating the micro-finance clients with integrity and respect and the love of Jesus. The very work that they’re doing, in micro-finance, is creating opportunity for people who don’t have jobs and helping them understand that Jesus came to preach the gospel to the poor.”

To learn more about Intervarsity’s working understanding of business as mission, click here.

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