Missions team helps dedicate new churches in India’s Andhra Pradesh State.

By January 19, 2007

India (MNN)–India Partners' Donna Glass says their team recently got a chance to help dedicate two of the three new church buildings in India's Andhra Pradesh state.


One of the buildings came into use early with the devastating monsoons last fall. "Over 300 villagers took refuge for five days in one of the church buildings that was not yet completed yet," Glass explains, adding, "most everything is thatch, and this was a concrete structure that provided dry refuge. Many people, officials of the village came to the dedication and gave praise for this new place. It's an incredible witness."

At one of the churches,the second story will be used for a school, beginning with kindergarten. Currently, the children who do go to school must take the ferry to the mainland for school each day.

Glass says the churches are growing because of the testimony of the believers. Their pastors need not only resources and training, but also support. "They have to work throughout the day, whether in the rice fields, or in a little shop or something to earn enough to keep their family, because the churches don't have the money to pay a pastor. By sponsoring a pastor, it makes it where they may not have to work all day and they can minister in their community."

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