Missions team prevents trafficking with Bible teaching

By June 24, 2011

Ghana (MNN) — Thousands of children are currently being trafficked in Ghana.

The "Not for Sale Campaign" reports that anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 kids are being held as slaves to the fishing trade alone. Other children are trafficked in urban areas for other work.

Every Child Ministries has had its eye on these children for years, figuring out the best ways to rescue kids and prevent others who could be vulnerable to this type of injustice. Their motives have proven so true that the government has issued the ministry an open invitation to preach the Gospel in schools.

An ECM team recently landed in Ghana to do just that. They are teaching Bible classes in the schools of a major slum area that is notorious for child trafficking, says ECM's Monica Miles. As kids learn the Truth about a Savior who loves them, ECM hopes that they will bring the Good News back home to their parents.

Over the last few years, Every Child Ministries has noticed a pattern: kids that end up on the streets in trafficking situations are generally from the same Central Region of the nation. As a result, they have started a sponsorship program to help these children stay away from that danger.

"Kids that are sponsored and in school have less of a chance of being trafficked," notes Miles.

While in Ghana, the team will also be sharing the Gospel with the people of the area, helping with teacher development at the school associated with the ECM children's home and at the home for children in crisis there, and training staff in puppet ministry.

As relationships are built, the team prays that even more doors would be open for the Gospel and for kids to stay safe.

Miles asks you to pray with them. "[Pray] that our teams would be able to build strong relationships with the children and with the families. Pray also that the families would be open to hearing the Gospel and that people would come to Christ because of the ministry."

ECM has work in Ghana, Uganda and across Africa. Learn more about sponsoring a child or giving to their ministry at ecmafrica.org.

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