Gospels of John shared with Ukrainian protestors

By January 2, 2014
Protestors celebrate New Year at Maiden Square in Keiv, Ukraine 2014 (UKRStream.tv screen shot).

Protestors celebrate New Year at Maiden Square in Kiev, Ukraine 2014 (UKRStream.tv screen shot).

Ukraine (MNN) — The streets of Kiev, Ukraine were packed with hundreds of thousands of people again today. In part, they gathered because of New Year celebrations. And in part, it was because of the EuroMaiden protests.

Now in its second month, protestors continue to demand the government’s resignation amid corruption accusations and a decision not to join the European Union. The protestors are showing little sign of easing.

A few weeks ago Russian Ministries appealed to you for funding for Gospels of John to distribute to protestors. Sergey Rakhuba updates us. “We’re so grateful for the listeners who contributed generously to provide 100,000 copies of the Gospel of John in the Ukrainian language that we printed specifically to distribute among the protestors.”

Ukrainian protestors receive Gospels of John in Keiv, Ukraine (Russia Ministries Photo).

Ukrainian protestors receive Gospels of John in Keiv, Ukraine (Russia Ministries Photo).

This past week, thousands of copies were handed out. Rakhuba says the reports are amazing. “They’ve been saying that dozens and dozens of people were confessing their acceptance of Jesus Christ as their personal Savior when they were talking to them right there in Maiden Square.”

Thankfully, the protests aren’t getting in the way of Russian Ministries’ Project Hope Gift program. It’s a program that links churches in the West with churches in the former Soviet Union. Money is raised to purchase Christmas gifts; national churches buy the gifts, package them, and distribute them to orphans while sharing the Christmas story.

Rakhuba says, “Next Generation leaders in the remote places in Ukraine, where poverty is a real issue, are reaching out to orphanages, bringing Gifts of Hope to orphans in Ukraine.”

This gift distribution is just getting started in Ukraine, as well as in other countries of the former Soviet Union where Christmas is celebrated on January 7 by the Russian Orthodox Church.

Rakhuba continues to pray for a national revival. Join him as Gospels of John are being distributed all over the country.

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