MNN listeners plan Christmas outreach

By December 8, 2006

USA (MNN) — A poll, currently being conducted on shows Christians are planning to reach out with the Gospel this holiday. The non-scientific survey of browsers on the MNN website asks the question, ‘As Christmas approaches, what will you do to share Christ?’

According to the poll 39-percent plan to send Christmas cards with a Christian message. 19-percent plan to invite friends and relatives to a Christmas program at their church. 11-percent will pass out seasonal tracks, 6-percent will be caroling at homes of the unsaved. And, 25-percent say they haven’t really thought about it. 73-percent of those who responded plan to do something.

“That’s good news,” says MNN’s Anchor and Executive Director Greg Yoder. “Christmas is such a busy time of year for everyone, it’s heartening to know believers are thinking about how they can talk to someone about Christ — the reason for the season,” he added.

As far as the people who haven’t thought about it. Yoder says, “If they’re not thinking about it, it’s probably because their churches aren’t talking about it. If they’re not talking about it, it may not be priority for them.”

Yoder says, that’s one of the reasons MNN exists. “We’re here to give ideas. I know for a fact that many people are involved in outreach today because they heard about an outreach on our radio broadcast or on our website,” Yoder says. “Just one example is a woman who heard about a Christmas card ministry to prison inmates. She’s got her whole church excited about it.”

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