MNN partners with Christian World Outreach

By February 2, 2022

International (MNN) — Mission Network News is introducing a new Partner: Christian World Outreach. The ministry started in Haiti during the late 1970s.

Greg Yoder serves as the ministry’s president. He says, “Our goal is to share Christ, to share the Gospel. The way we do that is by meeting physical needs, social needs. That way we have the opportunity to share why we share Christ’s love. We’ve seen God expand the ministry beyond Haiti, into Zimbabwe and Burkina Faso. This past year, we moved into South Africa and Sri Lanka.”

CWO work

In these five countries, CWO provides aid and education for women and children. They also give access to healthcare for people in need and training for local Christian leaders. Yoder says, “We don’t have American missionaries. We’re not sending people. We’re working with the nationals. They know their culture. We’ve got some great leaders who have a heart for God and want to minister in their home countries.”

For instance, in Burkina Faso CWO operates a school for young girls. Education is something often denied to women in the West African country, especially for these girls, since many of them come from refugee families. Yoder says, “They’re hearing the Gospel, but also seeing it lived out by our staff there. We have great leadership that just represents Christ and loves the girls. We don’t determine what religion they’re a part of when they come and apply.”


Because of this, the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t shut down CWO ministry. Yoder says, “We’ve seen during all these shutdowns that a lot of travel has kind of stopped. Ministry for us was able to continue on because the people were there. They were nationals, they didn’t have to come home or anything like that. So, we saw ministry keep going.”

Ask God to bless the work CWO is doing in these five countries. Pray many people will experience the love of Jesus.



The header photo shows a graduation ceremony at CWO’s Burkina Faso school. (Photo courtesy of Christian world Outreach on Facebook) 

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