MNN to travel to Guatemala

By June 27, 2008

(MNN) — This October, Mission Network News and Orphan Outreach are inviting
you to share the love of Christ with orphans in Guatemala
City and Panabaj,
Guatemala.  Applications for the trip on October 5-11 are
due this Monday, June 30. 

The missions team will visit schools and orphanages, passing
out backpacks and critical humanitarian aid, and sharing the Gospel with
children of all ages. Yoder said that he
and other team members will run a VBS complete with crafts, games, and
stories. A visit to a community living
in the city dump is also scheduled. 

"It's a great opportunity for people who may never have been
on a missions trip before," because the trip will be fairly safe and
comfortable, says Greg Yoder, Anchor and Executive Director of Mission Network

is one of the most beautiful countries in its region, but 70 percent of its
population lives below the poverty line. According to UNICEF estimates, over 370,000 orphans live in Guatemala. 

A 36-year civil war ended in 1996, but illiteracy, infant
mortality, and malnutrition still plague the country. It has some of the lowest life expectancies
in the region. Violence, street gangs,
and organized crime thrive in the Guatemala, as it is a major corridor for
smuggling illegal drugs to the United

You have the opportunity to make an impact for Christ in
this needy culture, while experiencing the beauty of its land and culture. The trip application and a $250
non-refundable deposit are due on June 30, while the rest of the fees are due
on September 1. 

"I think all Christians can do something for the kingdom. Some can give, some can obviously pray, and some can go," says Yoder. "This is a great opportunity to be a doer of
the Word and not just a hearer, and to exemplify true religion, which is caring
for the widows and the orphans."

Click here to learn more about serving the Lord in Guatemala.

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