MNN’s Ruth Bliss on assignment to Mexico.

By May 8, 2006

Mexico (MNN)–We drove a little over five hours from Tucson, Arizona, to Guaymas, Mexico, bringing a truckload of vision and encouragement to missionaries and church leaders.

This is Christian Resources International’s inaugural missions trip with non-staff, so the excitement is on both the receiving and the giving ends.

CRI’s Fred Palmerton says, “There are just mountains of used Christian books and Sunday school material and bibles in this country that are collecting dust on shelves and we’re just excited to know that some of those are going to come our way and will be heading out to the mission field.”

Missionary partners Jesse and Jenny Navarro are leading the team and have plans for distributing literature, spiritual work, and evangelism.

That means CRI teams will be giving out pastor’s libraries and smaller bundles to Mexican Christians. Palmerton noted though, that because they are critically low on Spanish-language resources, they will be taking in a shipment of English-language books.

The question of effectiveness prompts Palmerton to add, “The countries that we serve are English-speaking and/or the pastors, the national people and the missionaries are trained in translating, so if they’re not learned in English, they do have people there who are.”

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