Mob attacks Pakistani church on Christmas

By December 30, 2020

Pakistan (MNN) — On Christmas Morning in Lahore, Pakistan, a group of 50-60 Muslim men attacked a Christian church during their Christmas service. They aimed to kidnap and assault the women in attendance.

The security guards and other men at the church fought back with bare hands against the staff-wielding intruders, giving the women time to escape. Many Christian men suffered blunt trauma injuries and fractures in the fight.

Things got worse when the police arrived. Authorities helped the defeated Muslims escape, and blamed Christians for fighting back. Nehemiah from FMI says, “They scolded and threatened the Christian community, the Christian church, saying it’s illegal to have their own security. Which is truly an unjustified and illegal action by the police, because it was announced by the government of Pakistan two years ago, that every church must have its own security. They must have their own CCTV cameras, barbed wires, and medical equipment.”

FMI even helped several churches pay for these security materials with a program two years ago. Read more here.

Pakistan (Photo courtesy of FMI)

To make things worse, the police have now arrested security guards who beat back the mob, saying they broke the law.

Feeling abandoned

Christians in Pakistan occupy the lowest of classes. The entire society looks down on them, considering them “untouchable.”

Pakistani Christians also live in constant fear of violence, and these attacks often occur around Christmas and Easter. Nehemiah says, “Christians, they live in colonies in Pakistan. They don’t live just randomly, but they live as a group in colonies for their own protection. And because Muslims don’t allow them to stay with them.”

Pakistani Christians feel abandoned, Nehemiah says. They do not see anyone caring for them. Pray God will comfort these believers in their suffering. They have an exalted place in Christ’s kingdom, and will one day rule with Him when He returns.

In the meantime, pray the corrupt police in Pakistan would start doing their jobs and protecting people. Pray also that these security guards would be released back to their families.



Header image by Pavlofox from Pixabay.

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