Mob of 50 beats Christian worker in India

By June 20, 2011

India (MNN) — Prayers are needed for a badly-beaten Christian worker in India.

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India received news late last week of a brutal attack on Anjas, a Mission India partner.

Anjas was on his way to finalize some details for a prayer event one night when five men blocked his motorbike. When one of the men was pushed into Anjas' motorbike, Anjas stopped, and immediately, the five men surrounded him. A mob of 50 quickly joined them.

The mob began to harass Anjas about his work. In the past five years, Anjas has reached 15 villages in central India and leads Children's Bible Clubs. The night before the attack, he had led a prayer meeting where 102 people were baptized.

The mob reportedly confronted Anjas and said: "Why are you converting Hindus to Christianity? Why have you brought these programs and ministries to our village?"

Following the verbal harassment, the crowd dragged Anjas off of his bike and beat him until he lost consciousness. Anjas was taken to a local hospital, was told he had suffered from mental shock, and was badly wounded.

By the end of last week, Anjas was out of the hospital, but he was reportedly discouraged by the attack.

Pray that this disruption would not stop Anjas from spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to many villages and desperate souls. Pray that he would be kept safe and would boldly continue his work.

Mission India supports brave and faithful Christian workers like Anjas all across India. To learn more about their ministry, click here.

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