“Mobilized to be on mission”; EveryCampus aims to reach every college in America with the Gospel

By February 3, 2020

USA (MNN) – Last year LifeWay Research reported that most college students stop attending church regularly during the years they were in school. More than half of college campuses do not have a known Christian organization, InterVarsity confirms.

But InterVarsity Christian Fellowship believes a revival is on the way. National Evangelist for InterVarsity, York Moore, explains that InterVarsity felt the Holy Spirit leading them to work with college students towards a revival in their EveryCampus initiative.

EveryCampus is a collaborative initiative dedicated to bringing Gospel communities to every college campus in America. How do they plan to do this?

It starts with prayer. “We designated 2019 as the year of prayer for EveryCampus. And our goal was to simply prayer walk on site, physically, every single one of the 4,948 campuses in America,” Moore says.

Over 3700 Campuses Prayer Walked

Students pray on college campuses

(Photo courtesy of EveryCampus.)

A Prayer walk is a simple act of walking through a college’s campus with a group of other volunteers to pray for a revival at that college and to pray the students there would come to know the Lord. EveryCampus provides Prayer-walkers with a helpful prayer guide to walk them through the steps of praying over a campus.

Currently, EveryCampus has prayer walked over 3,700 college campuses.

According to more, “That was really extremely exciting to see so many people… get behind the vision of prayer walking the campuses of the United States. But we want more. This thing is about revival.”

It’s not just volunteers getting on board to partner with EveryCampus; churches want in, too.
“EveryCampus is not just about campus ministries doing more campus ministry, it’s really about the church join us to reach these unreached campuses, the underserved campuses,” Moore says.

Reaching Every College with the Gospel

(Photo courtesy of EveryCampus.)

For EveryCampus and many other ministries, 2020 is the year of the Bible.

“It’s a global movement, to really ignite a Bible revival,” Moore says. This year the goal is to get everyone into a consistent practice of reading the Bible and knowing God’s Word.

EveryCampus will also use this year to launch Gospel communities on college campuses and evangelize college students. “We hope to mobilize thousands of people… to reach their campuses for Christ,” Moore says.

If you want to help bring a revival to America’s colleges, you can partner with EveryCampus to make that happen. Moore explains that there are still 1,000 campuses left to be prayer walked by people like you. Find one near you here.

You can also donate to InterVarsity here.

“EveryCampus is really also about mobilizing people to be on mission with Jesus on our college campuses and being led by the scriptures. So, this is a prayer movement, it is a Bible revival, all for the purpose of reaching every campus in every state of America,” Moore says.

Would you pray for a revival to happen on college campuses?



Header photo courtesy of EveryCampus.

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