Moldova churches persist in outreach amidst Russia coup conspiracy

By February 16, 2023

Moldova (MNN) — Is it paranoia or a potential plot? Moldova is concerned about the possibility of a Russian-fueled coup in the country. Now, Moldovan President Maia Sandu has gone so far as to ban local soccer fans from attending a soccer match against a Serbian team.

Russia, meanwhile, denies accusations of trying to overthrow the Moldovan government. After all, the Kremlin already has its hands full in Ukraine.

Eric Mock with Slavic Gospel Association says, “The advancement of the Russian troops in the south has not truly reached towards the borders of Moldova yet. For Russia, Moldova would create a land bridge that would allow them access to the west, so there is a strategic value to the country. Because of that, there is a question of how they’ll respond to Moldova. There have been reports that have been coming up of destabilization within the country.”

The Metropolitan Cathedral in Chișinău, Moldova (Photo courtesy of Dorin Seremet via Unsplash)

Moldova says Russia’s interest in toppling their government is to prevent the country from joining the European Union and, instead, be at the Kremlin’s disposal.

Mock explains, “Moldova itself is one of the poorest countries in Europe. It’s a little bit of a competition between Moldova and Ukraine as to the poorest countries in Europe. So Moldova is struggling and they realize that they’re in the crosshairs.”

It paints a precarious picture. But like their Ukrainian neighbors, Moldova has a faithful network of evangelical churches. Mock says local Moldovan Christians are standing firm in their faith and persisting in outreach.

“In fact, Moldova has been working as an entry point for various aid organizations to get aid across the border into Ukraine and into the southern areas of conflict inside Ukraine. So God has already raised up the churches.”

Mock explains, “What SGA is doing is faithfully preparing itself, much like we’ve done in Ukraine, to do what we can to help the churches in Moldova. We are not active in Moldova, but we see the need to be able to help the churches there and we’ve been in contact with them.”

“These are the churches that God has raised up to be witnesses and ambassadors of hope if things start falling apart.”

(Photo courtesy of Ivan Borinschi via Unsplash)

You can support SGA’s ministry through their Heat and Hope campaign.

Mock also asks for intentional prayers at this time! “Simply be praying for peace to remain in Moldova, that God’s hand of protection allows the churches there to be strong, to be faithful in the absence of such terrible destruction like the people of Ukraine are facing. But pray that if terrible destruction comes, that the churches will be found faithful.”







Header photo depicting Moldovan flag, courtesy of Sasha Pleshco via Unsplash.

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