Moral decay in the U-S indicates need for revivial.

By November 5, 2003

USA (MNN) — “I would like to say I’m shocked and surprised, and yet we know this is where things have been heading.” That’s Byron Paulus of Life Action Ministries commenting on the most recent report from Barna Research on the issue of morality in the United States.

The report indicates about 60-percent of Americans see nothing wrong with gambling, cohabitation, or enjoying sexual thoughts or fantasies about someone. What troubles Paulus is that 27-percent of evangelical says gamblilng is okay and 12-percent say cohabitation is moral. “Maybe in our Christian circles we believe that the Gospel is only to get us to heaven, when in reality genuine faith restores God to a place of genuine authority. And, if we embrace that and we see the power of the Gospel, then I believe these stats would totally reversed.”

Paulus says, for the most part, Christians have become irrelovant. He says, “People in our culture are watching the lives of Christians are saying ‘why do I want what they have if they aren’t living it.’ it’s not authentic.”

Life Action conducts special meetings around the country to encourage revival. Of them include the recent launch of their Collegian Impact. They also have four teams traveling across the country encouraging revival in churches. Plus, Paulus says they have an important meeting is coming up. “This weekend we’ll be in Atlanta with 1,500 women with Nancy Leigh DeMoss and calling those women in a conference called “Revive Our Hearts” back to their first love, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Paulus says the condition in the U-S isn’t hopeless. He says, “There is hope as long as God is on His throne, revival is possible just as the sun rises each morning.”

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