More deadly violence against Christians in India

By September 25, 2008

India (MNN) — A team in India with Operation
Mobilization (OM)
says communal attacks continue to take place in
and around Orissa State. 

The hostilities have spread from
Orissa into the southern state of Karnataka. As a result of ineffective intervention, the United States Commission on
International Religious Freedom, sent a letter to U.S. President George W. Bush,
urging him to raise pressing concerns about religious freedom in India during
his anticipated meeting today with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in
Washington, DC.

A rally demanding an end to
violence against Christians in India is also scheduled  at Lafayette Square in front of the White
House. While international pressure is
mounting, there are Christian workers who remain at risk with the unrelenting brutality.

At present, OM personnel are
safe but fear for their safety. Some have gone into hiding in the surrounding
forests and mountains, fearing future attacks. 

According to OM, the Dalit
Education Center located in the Kandhamal District of Orissa was attacked. This
school was started in April 2008 to cater to the children of victims of the
communal attacks that took place in the months of December and January 2008.

Late evening on August 25, 2008,
the temporary school building that had been rented by the school's Community
Development Officer (CDO) from a local Dalit Christian was set ablaze. No children, staff or parents were at the
school, and the CDO and teacher made a narrow escape.

OM India has more than 1,400
Indian men and women devoted to serving Christ in their nation. These national
workers serve in unique capacities matching their ministry skills and spiritual

There are four kinds of teams on
which OM India workers are serving: Film and Literature Teams, Good Shepherd
Holistic Ministry Teams, Long Term Disciple Making Teams, and Dalit Education
Center Teams.

The goal of each team is to
establish believers' fellowships around the nation under OM's Good Shepherd
Community Church umbrella network. In addition, OM India's workers are involved
in disaster relief and rehabilitation, literature publishing, prayer networks,
AIDS counseling, and micro-enterprise projects.

The Community Development Officer
of the Dalit Education Center in Bograi, Orissa, has also received threats.
Please pray for protection. Pray that God would also continue to use their work
to bring many to Christ.

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