More discovered about the murders of missionaries in Guyana

By April 26, 2005

Guyana (MNN) — It’s been nearly four weeks since two missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators were murdered in Guyana. Richard and Charlene Hicks were working to translate Scripture into the Wapishana language when they on died March 30th.

Family members have released more details about the killings. They were alone on the ranch where they lived in Guyana, near the Brazilian border, except for two elderly Grannies. Their coworkers were away on vacation. They had locked their house and fence gate, but heard someone calling. Char went outside and found two drunken cowboys at the gate. They told her one of the Grannies was sick and needed medicine. As Char went to help them, they killed her. Richard was then outside and they killed him as well. Then they robbed the house, getting about $35.00 (USD) and then they set fire to the house. A co-worker discovered the bodies the following day.

The suspects then went into town where they were flashing money around in the bar as they did more drinking, just before they fled to Brazil. Brazilian authorities are looking for the men, but have not been able to locate them.

While Christians are mourning the couple’s loss, translation work continues. The Wapishana co-translators are picking up the baton, and pressing on with the translation of the New Testament. Rich and Char’s coworker, who is returning to the work this month, asks prayer for the project and that the Word of God in the people’s heart language will be read and many will find Christ as Savior.

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