More Hamtai men join NTM translation team

By November 24, 2008

Papua New Guinea (MNN) — A group of men from various
villages around Papua, New Guinea have joined the New Tribes Mission
translation team.

Two Hamtai men, Malcolm and Esek, have worked with NTM
missionaries Tom and Corinne Palmer to translate Scripture into the Hamtai
language. This new group of men will return to their villages next month to
check the translation with various ages and people groups to see how clearly it
speaks to the people.

"They want to make sure the translation is clear to all and
find where they might need to make changes to make any given passage more
clear," wrote the Palmers.

The men left their homes bringing several bags of food,
which they hope will be enough to last a month. Two meals are the daily ration,
one morning and one evening meal. When the men showed up to work one day with
no morning meal, the Palmers asked them if their food and money were gone. Tom
and Corinne were surprised by the men's determination to make their supply last
the entire month.

"It shows the extent of sacrifice they are willing to go to
in order to help with this project."

The Palmers ask for prayer concerning their heavy workload.

"Pray we will all get enough rest," they ask. "Pray that
interruptions will be kept to a minimum so we can accomplish our monthly goals."

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