More pastors than expected participate in conference in Zimbabwe

By May 23, 2005

Zimbabwe (MNN) — They only expected 1,200, but more than 2,000 pastors gathered in Zimbabwe recently to participate in the Global Advance Frontline Shepherd’s Conference in Harare.

Dave Shibley with Global Advance says, “We had representatives from many, many different denominations and from all of the provinces of the nation. So, it did become in fact a national pastors conference. And, because of the skyrocketing inflation there have been very few conferences of this kind in the last several years.”

According to Shibley, the difficult economic and political conditions in Zimbabwe have left the church without vision for missions, but he says that’s changing. “Even in the midst of the challenges that they face, the Zimbabwean church is lifting up her eyes, once again, and looking on the fields not only of Zimbabwe, but beyond that; the continent of Africa, particularly to the north, and even to the ends of the earth for getting the Gospel to unreached peoples.”

Because of the large attendance and the forced changes of venue, Global Advance had $50,000 in unanticipated expenses. “We’re confident that, that shortfall will be made up. We’re going to sponsor about 45 such conferences this year. Frankly, this Zimbabwe conference challenged us financially and yet we’re committed to fulfilling our Frontline Shepherd’s Conferences schedule for the rest of this year.”

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