More rains could add to lethal flooding

By September 20, 2011

Thailand (MNN) — More than 760,000 people have been affected by flooding in Thailand, and at least 83 have been killed. Even more waters now threaten to drench the area, according to the UN's humanitarian news and analysis service, IRIN.

Vision Beyond Borders is still picking up the pieces left behind by the flooding, which affected many families at their refugee camp.

"The aftermath of this monsoon season has been pretty devastating," notes VBB's Wes Flint. "It has destroyed a lot of their buildings, a lot of their homes, and a lot of their food."

The refugee camp has suffered its own losses as well. "We had quite a bit of rice set aside (which is their staple food source in most of Southeast Asia). The flood waters had destroyed quite a bit of that," says Flint.

Although more flood waters are now a possibility, VBB is taking things one step at a time. The ministry is still responding to the first flooding crisis by providing immediate aid. They're scheduled to ship out three 40-foot containers soon.

"What we try to do is to help our contacts there by providing extra food, extra clothing, also security so they know that someone cares about them," says Flint. "We're looking at bringing in some items for temporary shelters, at least until we can get some new structures built."

Refugees are struggling with the loss of homes and food, but all as they continue to find themselves in the midst of war. One VBB worker who cooks and teaches at a camp of 150 kids was recently struck by the news that her brother had been kidnapped by the Burmese army. There have been no updates concerning his whereabouts since the abduction.

Vision Beyond Borders continues to share the peace of Christ for those who know Him, and offers Christ's love to those who have yet to surrender their lives to the Lord. At present, much of that is not just through spoken word, but through the caring act of providing for immediate needs in the wake of disaster.

Containers are scheduled to go out as soon as possible, followed by a visit by Flint and a team to Thailand in mid-October. Flint will be teaching during his visit.

You can help provide the people of Thailand with teaching materials, Bibles, food and clothing at their Web site, In the meantime, pray for the rains to hold off.

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