More than 200 learn about Muslim evangelism

By October 26, 2009

USA (MNN) — More than 200 people from all around the United States joined the Crescent Project Oasis 2009 Conference this past weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Founder and president of the ministry Fouad Masri describes the event. "It's designed to mobilize, equip, and encourage Christians in North America to reach out in love to Muslims who have moved here to this country."

Outreach to Muslims hasn't been top priority for Christians. Masri says, "For every million Muslims, we have two missionaries, which means each one has to reach 500,000."

Most Christians are either afraid or don't know where to begin to rech Muslims. The reality is that most Muslims want to know about Jesus and the Bible. Masri says this is evidenced by his experience in Muslim outreach. "Muslims are taking Bibles. Muslims talk about Jesus. We've seen people pray to receive Christ. There's such a hunger that we've never seen before because Islam has failed to answer the deepest questions."

Those questions include: Does God love me? Can I be sure my sins are forgiven? Can I be sure of eternal life?

Masri says the Church is at a crossroads. "If we do not share the Gospel now, then we will never have the opportunity to share with them. They are not 'hard.' The only thing is: they haven't heard the Gospel."

The Oasis Conference had its share of logistical problems. "We had a big explosion of a propane tanker that shut down some of the roads. Then, another tanker spilled hazardous stuff. So the roads are a mess."

Masri says Oasis 2009 Conference sessions are available for purchase online. "Crescent Project has podcasts on various topics throughout the year that can downloaded to learn more about reaching out to your Muslim friend."

Crescent Project's small group study, Bridges, is also available on the Crescent Project Web site. This is a program that will help churches in Muslim ministry. Click here to get connected.


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