More than 60,000 read the New Testament in CBE’s first year

By May 2, 2013

Latin America (MNN) — Community Bible reading is making strides in Latin America.

Elias Yepez of Biblica says the Community Bible Experience, or CBE, is perfectly suited for their culture.

"We love getting together," says Yepez. "And if we can get together around speaking about the Word of God, that works perfectly for us."

Biblica launched CBE a few years ago in North America in response to research showing that churchgoers are facing an alarming disconnect with the Bible.

"Bible reading has become kind of a solo sport," says Biblica's Vice President of Engagement, Paul Caminiti. "This allows people in groups, in an 8 week period, to read the entire New Testament."

But the need for meaningful engagement with God's Word is universal.

"We all have the desire [to] listen to God's voice, of understanding His mind, of knowing that He's speaking to us," says Yepez. "I think that as Christians, that's a general need that we all have."

As a result, Biblica started partnering with church leaders in Latin America last year to introduce CBE in Spanish and Portuguese. To date, over 60,000 people from 8 Latin American countries read the New Testament as part of CBE.

Biblica is hoping to see even more growth this year.

"Now, it is complete denominations that are accepting, that are using the Community Bible Experience as a way of sharing the Word of God among their churches," Yepez explains.

He says House on the Rock Church in Colombia, a congregation of 25,000, is going through the CBE right now. The Ecuadorian Missionary Alliance is also beginning CBE in each of their 300 churches.

As CBE fulfills the Great Commission and helps churches make disciples in 13 different countries, will you pray?

"We can set the sails," says Caminiti. "We can create the programs, we can create Community Bible Experiences, but it's the wind of the Spirit that's going to move this along."

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