More than just ministries rely on local church in flooded Tajikistan

By May 17, 2010

Tajikistan (MNN) — In the midst of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms in Tajikistan, the banks of a river broke, sending rushing water into several villages in the middle of the night on May 7.

The village of Kulyob was hit the hardest. At least 24 people lost their lives, 50 are still missing, and more than 200 have been hospitalized. Water and mud have destroyed or damaged some 2,000 homes, 12 bridges, and countless acres of grain, cotton and fruit trees, washing away many villagers' livelihoods.

Every year Tajikistan experiences a rainy season with flooding, but according to Reuters News source, the country's president, Imomali Rakhmon, is appealing for international aid due to the overwhelming amount of damage done.

Eric Mock of Slavic Gospel Association sees God working through the situation: a missionary couple in the area and the local church is stepping up: "What SGA is doing is getting involved with this missionary family, as well as the central church, working with them. Long after all international aid groups will be gone, it'll be that local church that will be a witness to the Gospel," Mock said.

SGA is not the only one confident in the local church's ability to help their community. Mock said, "After approaching the mayor and asking what we could do, the mayor actually responded with a hand-written letter to the Christian churches, appealing to them for assistance in their Muslim communities."

Though Mock said it is too early to gauge individuals' response to the Gospel, the mayor's response is impressive enough.

In keeping with the mayor's request, SGA and the local church are gathering funds for and distributing items such as mattresses, linens, hygiene basics, shoes, clothing and any other items washed away by the flood waters.

SGA could use your help. Click here to donate and help fund these needed items.

Also, Mock asks, "Pray that God uses the local church to be a vibrant witness to the Gospel."

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