Morning Dew falls in India, with the light of the Gospel.

By January 24, 2005

India (MNN)–In advance of the shakeup of India’s government, church leaders prayed for an open door for the Gospel.

With the arrival of a Sikh Prime Minister, they invited Evangelist Sammy Tippit to come back for a visit. However, shortly before his arrival, the tsunami struck Tamil Nadu, devastating coastal regions. The people were ready for good news. “We had a pastor’s conference and then we also had a series of evangelistic meetings, a Good News Festival in the city of Madurai, which is in the state of Tamil Nadu, and just had tremendous response from it. We had, literally, hundreds of people come to know Christ each night.”

Tippit preached for five nights in a large open field where crowds gathered. The Texas-based evangelist preached a series of messages from the beatitudes of Christ. He then opened the Bible and shared the Gospel.

Tippit explains why this set a new precedent for the church leaders. “This was the first time for them to have any kind of open, public evangelistic meetings after this new government has come in. So, I was able to go in with official permission and preach the Gospel openly.”

Counselors ministered to those who responded during the invitation. Local churches will follow-up on those decisions. Many of the pastors were excited to see the spiritual harvest.

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