Morocco continues its purge of Christians

By June 30, 2010

Morocco (MNN) — Morocco kicked a teacher out for allegedly
attempting to convert Muslims to Christianity. 

According to the Spanish newspaper "El Pais," authorities
expelled Sara Domene of Spain for "threatening public order."  It's a common phrase used to allege "proselytizing." Domene, also a member
of an evangelical church, denies the charge, saying she was giving Spanish

However, the
charge that ended her stay in Morocco carries stiff penalties. The 1992
constitution guarantees freedom of religion for all while designating Islam as
the state religion. Any criticism of Islam is banned under the Penal Code and
is punishable with up to five years in prison.

The government is being especially vigilant this year in
upholding the code. In March, King
Mohammed VI expelled 20 foreign missionaries accused of proselytism. Shortly afterward, about 7,000 Moroccan theologians
publicly supported his decision.   

Several mission agencies note that this action set the stage for another
wave of deportations and expulsions of believers and Christian workers. The latest round reveals itself as a
calculated effort to purge Morocco of all Christian elements.   

Pray that many followers of Christ will continue His work in
Morocco. Open Doors places Morocco at 37 on their World Watch List.

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