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Mosque bombing in India causes concern for Christians

By May 22, 2007

India (MNN) — A bomb blast in a 17th century mosque in Hyderabad,
India has taken the lives of nearly a dozen Muslim worshipers during afternoon
prayers. The bomb, hidden under a bench in the mosque's courtyard, exploded
during prayers Friday, killing 11 people and sparking fears of a resurgence of
religious violence that has plagued the city of Hyderabad in the past.

Founder and President of Gospel for Asia KP Yohannan says
this type of violence in India is increasing. "India never knew terrorism
attacks like this until the last three or four years. It seems to be happening
more and more."

Yohannan believes he knows why this is happening. "The
powers of darkness are trying to create more problems to take more people into
eternity without the Lord. And we have to really be more deeply
in prayer for nations around the world, especially the Muslims."

Christians in Hyderabad are taking the bombing pretty hard.
Yohannan says believers are saying, "We should have been praying more; we
should have been more concerned about interceding."

Yohannan says India has the second-largest Muslim population
in the world. He says Muslims in India
are a bit unique. "The Muslims in India are a little more open to hear the
Gospel.  Although the work has been very
slow and very difficult, people need to really pray for the Muslims to come to
know the Lord."

This type of attack could have targeted Christians.
"The persecution in India has increased 300 or 400 percent in the last two
or three years. It has become a daily event now," he says.

Many believe these types of attacks will only increase as
Dalits, the untouchables, turn away from Hinduism. "There is going to be
greater number of people turning to Buddhism and a very large number of people
turning to the Christian faith. And that is precisely the reason why some of
the religious fanatics are attacking Christian works because these untouchable
Dalits are turning to Christ in very significant numbers."

Yohannan says targeted prayer for the people of India is
essential. But resources are also needed.
"We need to get God's Word in the hands of people and increase radio
broadcasts in these languages. And I really wish to see at least a copy of the
New Testament in every home."

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