Most quake rescue efforts have stopped

By February 22, 2023

Turkiye/Syria (MNN) — Earthquake search and rescue efforts are sadly coming to a close now — over two weeks after the 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Turkiye and Syria killed 47,000 people and displaced one million.

Peter Macharia with World Concern says, “People are giving up on hope. There are still many people that are in shock, people that are suffering [and] looking for their beloved ones.”

Some search and rescue teams are focused on Turkiye’s southern Hatay province where a 6.4-magnitude aftershock struck Monday, as well as the surrounding area. Around 300 people were injured and at least six killed.

(Photo courtesy of Horizons International)

Shallow aftershocks like this are incredibly dangerous, causing falling debris and more buildings to collapse. Aftershocks of varying levels are likely to continue for months, even years.

World Concern is helping survivors get everything from food and shelter to clean water and biblical counseling.

Macharia says, “People are wondering, ‘Why does God allow such kind of things to happen to His people?’ I would say it’s not been easy. But I would say God is demonstrating His love through His people. He’s showing kindness to His people through the people that are coming to help.

“We are there on the ground telling people God cares, God is concerned. For us to demonstrate that love, that caring attitude, that help, people are able to see the love of Christ.”

Rescue efforts may be slowing or stopping altogether. But now is not to the time to stop covering Turkiye and Syria in prayers and support.

The road to restoration is long and laden with grief.

earthquake turkiye syria

(Photo courtesy of World Concern)

“This is not the time to give up. It’s the time to help,” says Macharia. “It’s a time to do that extra thing that you can do — that $1 [or] that $10,000 will go a very long way.”

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“At a time like this, I’m reminded of the words of Jesus, that He looked at people and said, ‘They are like sheep without a shepherd.’ When I looked at the pictures and I look at what’s going on on the ground, I see people walking without a Shepherd — people wondering, ‘Where is our help?’”

Pray for the Prince of Peace to comfort the people of Turkiye and Syria.







Header photo by Mahmut Bozarslan, VOA via TWR.

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