Mother/Daughter trip to Guatemala a time for bonding and example setting

By April 11, 2011

Guatemala (MNN) — Most mothers and daughters could use a little more time together. Buckner International has an opportunity for moms and their girls to do just that.

"We are taking mothers and daughters to Guatemala (and spending a majority of their time in Guatemala City) to do various types of ministries that Buckner has ongoing," explains Buckner's Ashley Marble.

Buckner's annual Mother/Daughter trip provides an opportunity for the female duos to spend time bonding in the most powerful of ways: by serving the Lord Jesus Christ together.

Participants will spend much of their time with other daughters and orphans who are without mothers. "They'll be visiting an orphanage there, also a transition home for girls, and they'll be visiting two of our community centers," explains Marble.

The time will be more than just visiting, though. Marble says "it's a good picture of hope" for motherless girls in Guatemala to see a healthy, working relationship between a mother and daughter on the trip. Buckner community centers encourage these familial relationships regularly, but there's nothing quite like seeing it in action.

Essentially, mothers and daughters on the trip will take a part in living out the Gospel both in word and in deed. Their actions of going to these orphans and others in Guatemala will show Christ's love, but they may also have the opportunity to share Christ's love verbally, telling others the redemption story.

"This is a really great trip for mothers and daughters to take to invest not only in their relationships with each other, but in their relationships with girls that may not have a mother figure in their life," Marble emphasizes.

If you're interested in spending this life changing week with your mom or daughter, learning more about each other while serving others in Christ's name, you will need to know some logistics.

The trip dates are June 7-12. All girls participating need to be at least 10 years old, but no one is too old to go. The cost is $1,220, which includes meals, lodging, in-country transportation, insurance, interpreters, bottled water etc. Air fare is not included. Half the cost is due by April 30, and the rest due by June 7.

To find all this information plus a trip itinerary, click here.

To register, click here and scroll down to "Mother/Daughter." Learn more about other Buckner trips here.

If you still have more questions, feel free to contact Ashley Marble at 1-800-442-4800.

This could be a relationship-changing trip for mothers and daughters, and life changing for those who hear the Gospel as a result. Read the testimony of one mom who took the plunge with her daughter last summer.

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